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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Illamasqua Load

The whole point of this post is just that I wanted to say how dumb I am. I didn't realize until like a month ago that Illamasqua polishes have a removable cap (ie Butter London and Chanel). I would get so angry at the caps for not lining up straight after I used them and then I read on someone's blog (I can't remember who's it was now) that the caps are removable! Well now I feel stupid! I ran to my helmer to check my caps and wouldn't you know it, they popped right off. Now all my caps are nice and straight again. 

Here's Illamasqua Load. It was one of my first Illas (I bought Jo'mina at the same time) and I was in love instantly. It's a very flattering shade since it's not as stark as a traditional white polish. The name is a bit racy but as long as your grandmother isn't asking you to explain it, then you're all good. 
Shown is two coats. Application was easy for me. I did slightly thicker coats (not too thick) so that I wouldn't have any streaking and it went on beautifully. 


  1. What, seriously? You can remove the black cap? That's awesome! *smacks forehead*

    This is definitely a polish I need to get--it's such a flattering shade, and it looks like it applies beautifully too.

    1. Yes! I was shocked too when I first found out! I spent all that time frustrated because I couldn't get the caps straight!
      It really is a great polish. I haven't had any problems with and of my Illas (other than their price tag, haha).

  2. The name of this polish kinda grosses me out, but it's so pretty and looks perfect for me, that I can't pull off white nail polish without turning into a human lobter :(

    Lovely swatch! Thank for sharing the tip on the Illa caps :)