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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Essence Date In The Moonlight Dotticure

Can you believe it's already October?! Where has the year gone?
I had a great birthday weekend. I went home to see my family which was really nice. I hadn't seen them in a month and I missed them. I got to see my cute little furball too! My parents and I went down to a bike ride near the coast for the Wounded Warrior foundation. That's the second year that we've attended that ride and it was really nice. The weather couldn't have been any better and we had an awesome tail wind on the last few miles! Woo!

I went to an Ulta the other day (there's none close to me) and I finally was able to pick up some of the new Essence polishes. I don't really care for the new bottle shape but I'm glad that it has a few more mLs in it!
I got four of the new ones: Date In The Moonlight, Off To Miami, Oh My Glitter!, and Grey-t To Be Here. And then I also picked up a bottle of Essie Orange, It's Obvious because I've been searching for a good orange for a while now and that one seemed to fit the bill pretty well. Plus it was on clearance.

So today I've got Date In The Moonlight to show you.
It is a dark navy with blue and green shimmers in it. The shimmers are very pretty but they're only visible in certain lights. Bummer. But I was expecting it so it's not really a negative. I used two coats for full opacity. The brush sucked pretty hard. I'm hoping it was just a one off and the other brushes won't be as bad.

Then, since it's October and I wanted to be a little festive, I decided to add some orange dots. I used Essie Orange, It's Obvious. Then to add just a little bit more contrast I added a few smaller grey dots. I used Essence Grey-t To Be Here.


  1. Lovely manicure, I lobe the contrast if colour you chose!

  2. Really pretty, I love the contrasting color combination :)

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