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Friday, November 16, 2012

Color Club Perfect Mol-ten and Antiquated

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you've all had a good week so far!
Today I've got two polishes to show you, Color Club Perfect Mol-ten and Antiquated. Both of these are from the Fall 2011 Foiled collection. To be honest, I didn't really like these at first. I actually had them in my swap box but now I'm glad that no one took them! I guess my tastes in polish really have changed over time. I've found that I'm not that crazy about holographic polishes anymore. Maybe part of that has to do with how many of them are on the market nowadays so they don't seem as special anymore. Maybe it's because I hate applying aqua base. Who knows.

My next post should have some Polish Revolution spam and then after that, I'll start swatching my new Hare polishes! Woo!

Both of these are shown with two coats. Application was great. I didn't even have to do any cleanup with them. Dry time was fast. I imagine these would be really great for stamping too.

Perfect Mol-ten


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essie Geranium

I feel like I can breathe again! I've gotten all of my papers and major projects finished for this semester and now the only big things I have left are my exams in December. That means I have time to paint my nails again! In the past three weeks I've only changed my polish 3 times. My nails have looked so sad and chipped.
Once I finish this post, I'm going to go paint them something fun! I've got some polishes from Polish Revolution that I need to swatch and take pictures of. They've been sitting on my desk since Friday and I can't wait to try them out!

Today I'll be showing you Essie Geranium. I think this was the first red polish that I purchased. It's not a true red, it leans slightly orange (although my picture makes it look a bit more orange than it really is) and that's why I love it so much. I'm not really someone who wears red polishes but I was drawn to this one when I saw it. Even better is that it is slightly jelly.

Shown is two coats. Application was fantastic. Dry time was normal.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barry M Indigo

Sorry, it's been a while. Sorry I'm always saying sorry. School has been really busy this semester. I'm typing out this blog post in order to procrastinate a little bit more on my paper that's due tomorrow. I've still got to write 5 more pages. Ugh. Only 30 more days until winter break. 

Here's Barry M Indigo. This is fairly color accurate, although I don't think any picture will ever capture it perfectly. This is a really gorgeous blurple color. I used two coats for opacity. Dry time was normal. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Verity Deep Violet

I wanted to re-swatch this since I didn't like my other pictures of it. Verity Deep Violet is one of my favorite polishes in my whole collection. It's the best jelly polish that I own and it makes everything look magical. It's perfect by itself too. I could talk all day about my love for this polish but instead I'll just show you some pictures.
Shown is three coats. I didn't have any problems with application. I would suggest doing slightly thicker coats so that you don't have any streaking. Dry time is a little bit longer than a normal polish but I always wear a quick dry top coat so that's not really an issue.
Verity can be a hard brand to find since it's not sold in most stores. If you're lucky, a salon/beauty store close to you might sell this brand but I bought my bottle from Amazon since I can't find it locally.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crowsmas 2012 Holiday Crowstoes Swatches!

I was going to wait until after Halloween to post these swatches but it looks like the cat is already out of the bag about this collection! This is going to be a long post so go ahead and grab yourself a snack and get comfy!
Full disclosure: Lauri did send me these polishes but all of my opinions of them are honest.

Like I said, there are a lot of photos to get through so I'll try to keep my chatter to a minimum. There will be more information about the collection, including how to order them, at the bottom of the post.

Bah F@#$%*G Humbug
Insanely beautiful. I already feel like I need a backup of this polish. The name is hilarious too.

One coat over Essie Mesmerized

One coat over Gosh Miss Minty

Blue Christmas
I've been loving smaller glitters lately and I'm so glad that this collection has several polishes with small glitters. Blue Christmas is primarily filled with black and blue glitters but there are also some orange, green, and purple glitters in the mix.

One coat over Zoya Dove

One coat over Zoya Robyn

Three coats by itself

A Christmas Crow
This one was so hard to get a decent picture of. Pictures do not do this one justice. It's got red/green duochrome shimmers in it but my camera mainly captured the red flash. This polish is the only one in the collection with a tinted base. If you're a fan of blacks or vampy polishes then you're going to love this one!

One coat over Finger Paints Black Expressionism

Three coats by itself

Her Goose Got Cooked
The color combo in this one is very soft and delicate. I think it would look great in any season (not that most of us follow the rules when it comes to seasonal colors). A guy even complimented me while I was wearing this polish.

One coat over OPI Steady As She Rose

One coat over Zoya Blair

Holly and Hellfire
This one is even sparklier in real life. The smaller red glitters just light up whenever the light hits them.

One coat over Sally Hansen Racey Rouge

Three coats by itself

Jingle Balls
This one looks like Lauri chopped down a Christmas Tree, blended it up, and put it in a bottle of polish. This looks exactly like Christmas to me, even down to the star on top of the tree. The stars weren't hard to get out. I managed to get one out for both swatches without having to fish around for it.

One coat over China Glaze First Mate

One coat over Orly Enchanted Forest

Making Christmas
Again, this one just screams Christmas!

One coat over Essie Geranium

One coat over Color Club Perfect Mol-ten

Three coats by itself

Maxxed Out
How I feel after I've bought Christmas gifts for everyone!

One coat over Color Club Antiquated

One coat over Illamasqua Load

One coat over Verity Deep Violet

Whew! I hope that wasn't too much of a picture overload for you all! 
Okay, onto my thoughts. I think overall, this is the best collection that Lauri has released so far. I didn't know how she was going to be able to top her Halloween collection but these polishes are fantastic!
As far as application goes, I didn't have any problems. I didn't have to dab any of them on, I just painted them on like a normal polish. As you can see, they're all pretty dense. I only needed one coat for good coverage. If you're only doing one coat then two coats of topcoat should smooth everything out for you. 
One last thing, the labels on my bottle are different from the normal ones. Any bottles you purchase will have the standard label on them.

Here's some info regarding how to buy these polishes. 

**This collection is limited edition**
If you are interested in any of these polishes, make sure you get them while you can as they are limited to the holiday season. Make sure to put them at the top of your Christmas lists!

Right now, there's no official release date that I know of. Make sure to keep an eye out at Llarowe's and Overall Beauty's Facebook pages. You can also sign up for their newsletters (sign up info is located on their websites) if you don't use facebook. 
Overall Beauty and Llarowe will each have exclusives just for their websites. Here's the breakdown:

Overall Beauty:
Bah F@#$%*G Humbug
Blue Christmas

A Christmas Crow
Her Goose Got Cooked
Jingle Balls

Both stores:
Holly and Hellfire
Making Christmas
Maxxed Out