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Friday, July 13, 2012

HARE Magic Mist

A few weeks ago, Nikole started pre-orders for her new Spring and Summer collections. I picked up three of the polishes: Magic Mist, Rad Cloud, and Why So Igneous?. They arrived in the mail last week and I decided to wear Magic Mist first since it was the one I was most excited for.
I'm so impressed with this polish! Hare is one of my favorite Indie polish lines and Nikole never fails to impress me with her creations. 

This is the first time in about 3 months that I've worn a glitter polish and didn't want to take it off right away. 
I really love the color combo of the glitters. There's small orange hexes, small blue squares, small purple hexes, medium magenta squares, and then micro purple glitters. I love orange mixed with purple and blue! 

I didn't have any problems with application. The glitters are dense enough that you only need one coat. It's also very easy to apply and you don't have to "push" the glitters into place to get an even look. The glitters lie very smoothly on the nails as well. I've got one super thin coat of gelous (literally, my bottle has about 50% thinner and 50% gelous because it takes forever to dry on my nails otherwise) and then one coat of SH Insta-Dri and it's perfectly smooth!

I layered it over Essence A Lovely Secret .

For more information on Hare polishes:

Hare polishes will be available through LLarowe Friday, July 27th.


  1. wow this is totally gorgeous!! i've yet to own any hare polishes, it's so hard staying on top of the indie game @____@

    1. You're not kidding! I can barely keep up with all of the new indie sellers and I have such a hard time remembering restock dates.
      I love Hare though so I keep track of it like it's my job.