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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I meant to do something a bit more elaborate for the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics but I was in a car yesterday for 14 hours so I didn't get the chance to do anything. I was gone last week with my roommate visiting her family in Florida. I got home around 9pm last night so thank goodness for DVR or I would have missed the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies (I loved watching the children singing their national anthem!)

Here's the mani I'm wearing today. The colors are Barry M Cobalt Blue and Nails Inc Jubilee (anyone else find it funny that these are both British brands?).

Go Team USA! I love gymnastics, cycling, and water sports the best but I try to watch as many events as possible!
What are your favorite events to watch? 


  1. LOL, it's a bit funny, but very appropiate since the Olympics are being held in London and all ;)

    I loved your mani. And da-yamn, that Nails Inc glitter is fantastic! (which eould be great for our independence celebrations in september, we share the same colors :D)

  2. Really beautiful colours--I want Jubilee so hard! >_<