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Friday, June 1, 2012

Essence A Lovely Secret

Essence A Lovely Secret
I'm not sure how to describe this color. Sometimes it looks like a pastel lavender and other times it looks periwinkle. Either way, the color is very nice.
Not going to lie, when I applied this I was a little disappointed. What originally drew me to this polish was all of the shimmer you can see in the bottle. When I put in on my nails though, the shimmers disappeared. It makes the polish look speckled, which is pretty cool just not what I was expecting when I bought it. 
Application was very nice. I really like the brush on the Essence bottles. It fit my nails very nicely. I barely had any cleanup to do. 

For Reference:
1 coat Nail Magic
2 coats Essence A Lovely Secret
1 coat NYC Grand Central Station


  1. That does look speckled--very interesting finish. I think I have this, but didn't realize it looked like this on the nail.

    1. It's really different than what I was expecting but it's a nice color. You can faintly see the shimmers when you get in the sunlight but it's mainly speckled. I don't think I own any other polishes with a similar finish.

  2. I have this color put have never tried it out because I have a lot of pastel purples. Your description of the speckle/shimmer in it makes me want to pull it out! It's a really pretty color, but it sucks that you didn't get all the shimmer you expected!