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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

A lot has been said recently about Max Factor Fantasy Fire. It gained popularity for it's similarities to the famous Clarins 230 (aka Unicorn's Pee). Clarins 230 is known for it's color shifting properties. The pigment shifts from red to orange to green.
Unfortunately, I don't own Clarins 230 so I can't do a comparison between the two polishes.
I decided to layer Fantasy Fire over Verity Deep Violet so that it could keep the jelly look.

Fantasy Fire is a polish that is best layered because it is so sheer and because the bottles are so small. Each one contains only 5mL of product.
For reference, this is three coats of VDV and then two coats of Fantasy Fire on top. I could have easily gone with just one coat of FF but I wanted to see how it built up.
The downside to this polish? It's only available in the UK. I'm lucky enough to have a few friends over there who were gracious enough to send me a few bottles.


  1. I beyond love this color!!!
    *new follower**

    1. Thanks, Alex! I love the color too. It has so much depth to it.
      And thanks for following too!