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Saturday, April 14, 2012

China Glaze FYI

This is my first bottle from the China Glaze OMG collection. I'm so in love with it. I wish I had been able to buy this back in stores when the collection was originally released. Sadly, I wasn't as into nail polish then as I am now.
China Glaze FYI is a nude holo. I love nude holos because they're subtle yet still really fun to look at.


  1. Now that the Layla holos are here, I don't feel so bad about all the OMG collection ones I missed (I really do not know what I was thinking when I only bought a few colors).

    P.S. Any chance you'd consider turning off word verification for comments? My eyes go all wonky trying to figure out the words.

    1. You're right and for the prices that the OMGs are going for, I'd much rather spend that money on Laylas.

      I didn't even realize I had word verification on! I turned it off :)

    2. Thanks for turning it off! Blogger makes it harder than it needs to be to know you've got it on, since they don't show it to you when you comment on your own blog.