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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chanel Peridot vs Jessica Iridescent Eye

Here is Chanel Peridot and Jessica Iridescent Eye. Can you guess which polish is which? (You can click on the pictures to make it larger)

These were taken in the shade:

These were taken in the sunlight:

Think you have it figured out? Well, on my index and ring finger I'm wearing Jessica Iridescent Eye and on my middle and pinky finger I'm wearing Chanel Peridot. 
Both polishes are wonderful to work with. I used two coats of Iridescent Eye and three coats of Peridot (although I think you could get away with two coats). If you have one, you definitely don't need the other.
Chanel retails for $26 and Jessica retails for $7.50 (plus shipping if you purchase it online) and can be found here.

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